Sunday, November 16, 2008

in which we observe at least three different kinds of dorkery

Mind the gap:
: so this morning, for no raisin, b minor just came to my hand
AB: no raisin!
mikaydee: it just worked
mikaydee: it was weird
AB: congratulations
AB: you just made a leap into the next talent-bracket
mikaydee: level up!
AB: but under barack obama's administration
AB: you're going to have to practice twice as much to stay at this level
mikaydee: XP penalty
mikaydee: for success
AB: correct
AB: it's almost marxist
AB: his leveling-up policy is dangerous
mikaydee: well geez, i don't even want to practice any more
mikaydee: i'm going to just set my guitar on fire right now