Saturday, January 30, 2010

on flying cars and blue women

I've come to love the Sci Fi convention holding that, if and when humans encounter intelligent extraterrestrial life, our innate individualism and ambition will be misunderstood as avarice and irresponsibility by other, more collectivistic races, but we'll show them, because hoo boy, when some super-ultra-collectivistic race, civilization, or network of horrifying sentient machines starts to invade, we'll save the day with our adaptability, scrappy individualism, and boyishly tousled hair. I wonder sometimes if other cultures likewise project their own interactions with otherness into genre literature in this way. Are there North Korean space operas in which roving bands of alien space cowboys are out to destroy the galaxy and it's up to the humans to stop them with blind obedience and mass chanting? I kind of hope so....for the North Korean nerds' sake.