Friday, January 27, 2012

at the speed of light

In a time long ago, before the internet was a thing that recorded all the other things, ever (I know, because I tried unsuccessfully to google GOOGLE IT), some stand-up comedian had a bit that went something like this: "First we had a magazine called Life, and that was pretty broad. Then we had a magazine called People, which was not about all of life, just the People. Then came a magazine called Us. Not them; just us. Pretty soon, there's gonna be a magazine called ME!!!!!!" Today, I think I have that magazine; it's called Facebook.

In other internet news, here is a real conversation:
mikaydee: "wtf is Kingdoms of Amalur? I thought it was a Facebook game."
RM: "I still have no idea."
48 hours and one Penny Arcade news post later
mikaydee: "So, we have to get Kingdoms of Amalur, right?"
RM: "Oh, absolutely."

Yeah, I'll do pretty much whatever those guys tell me.

Monday, January 23, 2012

in which our heroine finds herself writing about gender issues again

I saw Haywire yesterday, which is a fine movie. And I mean just that. It's fine. It promises to be 90 minutes of watcing a former American Gladiatrix beat up a bunch of really good-looking guys, and it delivers exactly that, plus it managed to actually make me kind of sad when one of those guys died. Pathos, amirite? The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was the guy sitting next to me, who, besides being a BTS (borderline two-seater) was also the kind of person who talks during movies. Not to another person. To the screen. He kept saying "Daaaaamn, this chick's insane!" over and over again, usually in response to her bashing some guy's (very pretty) face into a fixed object. Except, she wasn't insane. Everything she did was quite rational. It was skillful. It was, occasionally, clever. She wasn't insane. He just thought she was insane because she's a woman, and she's being extremely violent. Purposefully, rather than reactively violent. And women aren't supposed to be violent. Not even to save their own lives.

(hot guys)