Friday, January 27, 2012

at the speed of light

In a time long ago, before the internet was a thing that recorded all the other things, ever (I know, because I tried unsuccessfully to google GOOGLE IT), some stand-up comedian had a bit that went something like this: "First we had a magazine called Life, and that was pretty broad. Then we had a magazine called People, which was not about all of life, just the People. Then came a magazine called Us. Not them; just us. Pretty soon, there's gonna be a magazine called ME!!!!!!" Today, I think I have that magazine; it's called Facebook.

In other internet news, here is a real conversation:
mikaydee: "wtf is Kingdoms of Amalur? I thought it was a Facebook game."
RM: "I still have no idea."
48 hours and one Penny Arcade news post later
mikaydee: "So, we have to get Kingdoms of Amalur, right?"
RM: "Oh, absolutely."

Yeah, I'll do pretty much whatever those guys tell me.

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