Friday, August 1, 2008

in which we learn a number of wholly semantic, totally shallow lessons

MS: Whats your take on Pomellos
mikaydee: i've never tried a pomello
mikaydee: i should
mikaydee: although if i've ever learned anything from bad sci fi channel movies, it's that there is a price to be paid for messing with evolution....
MS: yes, great sci-fi movies...
mikaydee: also, black people die first, women are the only people who think about consequences, and cars will explode if a gun shoots anywhere in their general vicinity
MS: 2 out of 3 are true... I'll let you decide which 2
mikaydee: Can I pick 2/3s of each one?
MS: explain how that would work and I'll consider it....
mikaydee: well, i could take the easy way out, and say they are each true 2/3s of the time
mikaydee: but let's go with this:
mikaydee: black people die, women are the only people, cars will explode if a gun shoots
mikaydee: not perfect, i know, but i'm sticking with it
MS: I can go with that. (2/3s of the time would have been rejected...)
mikaydee: yay!
MS: Its nice. It drastically alters the previous meaning of what was stated, but stays within the specs.
mikaydee: to have complied, however contrarily, to the letter of the law is my true aspiration

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