Wednesday, September 10, 2008

on the autoethnography of one's own subjectivities

MS: I had a conversation last week about reclassifying all foods into two categories
MS: it was based on the BK ad were he claims to be a meatatarian
MS: but is clearly eating bread and cheese
MS: We decided that dairy was an ambiguous classification for food
MS: and should fall into the meat category
MS: but bread was a vegetable
MS: this lead to the man-conundrum
MS: a manly-man eats meat and drinks beer
MS: but this is clearly a contradiction
MS: he should eat steak and drink milk
mikaydee: ha! wow, that is absolutely correct
mikaydee: now, what about mead?
mikaydee: because mead is made from honey
mikaydee: which comes from animals
mikaydee: is mead manly?
MS: interesting...
MS: I'm going to have to go with yes.
MS: yes it is manly
mikaydee: awesome!
MS: you just saved men from drinking milk*
MS: congrats
mikaydee: yay!

*PM later rightly pointed out that, under this schema, manly-men could also drink fermented horse milk, which gets extra man points for being the default drink of the Mongolian mounted hordes.

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