Wednesday, April 22, 2009

in which our heroine fishes around for a side quest

NPC: Hello, welcome to the Bastard Sword. My name is Gabe Lacksmith; how may I help you?

mikaydee: Um, what did you say your name was?

NPC: Gabe Lacksmith.

mikaydee: And what do you do?

NPC: I’m a blacksmith….

mikaydee: …Is that all?

NPC: What do you mean, “Is that all?” I’m a person, aren’t I? I live a multifaceted life which includes more than just my work! Yes, I do have some personal issues, which, excuse me, are just that: PERSONAL! So do you want me to repair your scimitar or not, you nether-fucking druid harpy?!?

mikaydee: I…I’m a half-elf….


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