Wednesday, December 2, 2009

on game theory

In case we needed any more proof that I don't know anything about soccer:

PM: i added a new super-star midfielder to my [FIFA World Cup video game] soccer party last night!
PM: it was the equivalent of recruiting a wizard several levels above the party to join you on a tough quest
mikaydee: hahaha
PM: he's playing a defensive midfield position, so he's sorta like my wizard controller who uses buff spells to make my attackers better, and can cast defensive spells if i need him to
mikaydee: i love that this is how you have to explain soccer to me
mikaydee: what I want to know is, who is the warlock in this scenario?
PM: oh, i did just pick up one of them
PM: another midfielder that has the ability to score from distance
PM: i have no idea what my goalie is... he's the other best player on the team... i guess he's kinda like my cleric
PM: especially since he's saved my ass a few times by only the grace of god

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