Monday, June 14, 2010

stray thoughts on bad movies: The A Team

Two in one month!

1. In one early scene, a character makes a huge deal about Fate and how Fate brought these two people together and how you can't ignore Fate,...and then Fate is NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN, because the writers apparently couldn't come up with a better way to explain how two people meet at the beginning of a story.

2. B.A. Baracus isn't just a magical black man; he has a magical black van that materializes in the desert when the white guys need rescuing, and then is promptly destroyed for a cheap emotional beat as soon as they no longer need it.

3. In two separate scenes, fake dramatic tension is created by the characters' inexplicable refusal to simply move laterally out of harm's way. Nothing is preventing them from moving laterally except the movie's need for them to almost die so that we will have a reason in Hell to care about what happens to them.

4. Movies like these (dubbed "radtarded" by AS) often find me rooting for the villain because, due to poor plotting, he is usually the smartest person on screen. His victories come from considerable effort on his part and not from things magically occurring to his benefit. Heroes are much more likely to get undeservedly lucky because the movie needs them to succeed, but no one could be bothered to figure out why exactly they would.

5. This movie had eleven writers.

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