Sunday, May 2, 2010

stray thoughts on bad movies: Obsessed

1. When writers try and present the fault lines in a long-term relationship through clumsy exposition instead of subtle demonstration, it comes off like these two people should really not be married. "But, I thought this about our relationship...." "Well honey, I thought the exact opposite...." This is presented as normal before-bed conversation for these people.

2. Idris Elba seems to spend a lot of time at work talking to his wife, hanging out with his wife, and doing stuff for his wife. When he's not doing that, he's exchanging generic man-chatter with Jerry O'Connell, and making up financial gibberish. Stringer Bell would never have put up with such inefficiency.

3. All the screeching violins in the world will not make the act of trying to close a pop-up window a moment of high drama.

4. As someone who routinely fantasizes about killing home invaders, I have trouble finding fault with Beyoncé's actions in the climactic scene.

5. I take it back. I'm going to start a facebook group called "1,000,000 strong for letting the bad guy fall to his death." When a movie sets up good versus bad in such hamfistedly stark terms, we should at least be spared the Disney villain death. Blondie is an irredeemable nutjob, putative kidnapper, rapist, and attempted murderer. Trying to save this terrible person's life doesn't make Beyoncé look noble; it makes her look stupid.

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