Friday, May 28, 2010

gender bending over backwards

Things I Learned from Movies:
(1) Any superlative group of killers (the deadliest, the sexiest, the tidiest) will invariably include one woman and one black man, and these two will almost always be flanking a good-looking white guy.
(2) Two of these people will probably have sex, and the other will probably die, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure how this shakes out demographically.
(3) The woman will have managed to succeed in her traditionally male-dominated profession by having shed some stereotypical aspect of her femininity, like romance or empathy. But not breasts. Never breasts.

True Story:
I was at the grocer after work and a woman came toward me, walking right past a man with an actual child, and asked me where the diapers were. My cart at the time contained potato chips, ice, and bourbon. I wonder, did I look like the kind of person who should know where the diapers are, let alone a person who would know? The answer is yes, because I have lady parts, and being female apparently trumps having actual offspring in the domestic credentials department.

Open Letter:
To anyone who refers to Sex and the City as "the ladies' Star Wars," this lady's Star Wars is STAR WARS.

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