Sunday, January 9, 2011


You don't have to be insane to take a shot at a politician. You just have to honestly believe in your heart what so many people keep saying on the news: that that person is essentially a Nazi who is going to kill your grandmother. This is where the unconscionable state of our political discourse has gotten us.

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Andy Brommel said...

I think Ezra Klein gets this right:

It may well turn out that he was just a crazy guy--his ramblings that have been identified thus far don't have a real obvious partisan valence. But it's almost beside the point. The fact that it's so PLAUSIBLE that he could have been directly politically motivated tells us all we need to know. I've been following this very closely in a way that I don't often follow the big drama news stories...and I think it's because it resonates with so many things I've been concerned about in our political discourse (if you can call it that). Something like this has just felt so inevitable that even if this isn't exactly still sorta is.