Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So, because I'm only sporadically diligent about blogging, I've decided to become a fully integrated web personage and connect my Twitter feed to my Blogspot* and Facebook* Wall. Now, if I ever need to create a downloadable** version of my personality based on my digital footprint, a la CAPRICA, I will have an easier time of it.

*Apparently Blogspot's spell-check doesn't recognize the word "Blogspot," which, ya know, it coined. Similarly, Facebook's spell-check doesn't recognize the word "Facebook."

**This is really a silly way to recreate someone's personality. Think of all the web applications you share, or all the things you've purchased online for other people. If someone tried to do this to me based on my Amazon and Netflix accounts, they might very well end up with a marathon-running homosexual man who really, really likes children's art supplies.

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