Wednesday, November 21, 2007

mutually assured deliciousness

Ich bin ein Frankfurter
mikaydee: that hot dog saved my life last night
mikaydee: how many people can say that?
PM: it was the perfect solution
mikaydee: perfect and DELICIOUS
mikaydee: more solutions need to be both effective and delicious
PM: if congress served cocktail weenies with the bills they brought to vote they'd actually get something done
mikaydee: haha
PM: cocktail weenies are bi-partisan
mikaydee: i'm working on a middle east peace plan that involves flooding jerusalem with fudge
PM: see! effective AND delicious!
PM: you have to appeal to the tastes of the people!!
PM: now THAT'S a campaign slogan
mikaydee: hahaha
PM: "your slogan harkens to a grass roots style politics..."
PM: "actually, i mean that literally. appeal to the ACTUAL tastes of the people. like chocolate. everyone likes chocolate. lets make bus tickets out of chocolate."
mikaydee: haha!
mikaydee: instead of death by chocolate
mikaydee: detente by chocolate
PM: haha
PM: i think we're tapping into a golden idea here
mikaydee: nobel peace prize 2008, you and me!
PM: also, on an equally prestigious note, a zagat culinary arts award!
mikaydee: hahaha
PM: the double-banger
PM: take THAT, mahatma gandhi
mikaydee: ha!
PM: i don't see him winning any culinary awards anytime soon
mikaydee: nope, ascetics aren't really known for their epicuran skills
mikaydee: and hunger striking is sooooo 50 years ago
PM: when food wasn't really anything to write home about anyway
mikaydee: haha, yep
PM: i'd like to see them try that in the world of double-doubles with animal sauce
mikaydee: hahaha
PM: (haha... when you say it like that, it seems to fly in the face of every religious belief they hold)
mikaydee: LOL
PM: probably won't be any in-and-out chains opening in new delhi
mikaydee: hmm, yes, we'll have to tweak the strategy for India/Pakistan, considering that a sandwich with beef and cheese will likely piss them BOTH off
PM: and then you add animal sauce to it... they're BOUND to ask questions
mikaydee: hah
PM: then again, this is the same place that serves tiger penis puree as an aphrodisiac... or is that aparitif?
PM: either way, i ain't eating it
PM: if it's used for excrement... and isn't a colon... then it's not going in my mouth!!
mikaydee: ....i fully intend to quote you on that
PM: my mother don't raise no fool!
mikaydee: no, but she did raise someone who inexplicably draws the line between penis and colon
PM: ... and chooses colon
PM: it's silly that that's part of the body that we readily eat
mikaydee: hahaha
mikaydee: yep
mikaydee: we probably ate it yesterday
mikaydee: (i love when the conversation comes back around)
PM: that colon stuffed with pig parts saved my life last night
PM: (i think we just had a conversation out of a one act play...)
mikaydee: haha! totally
mikaydee: add to our nobel and zagat a pulitzer!
PM: solving the world's joke at a time
mikaydee: *high five*
mikaydee: (curtain)

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