Tuesday, November 6, 2007

since i have nothing interesting to say, but others do (also known as an M.A. degree)

A Few of My Favorite Things:

- Who puts Marx in for Wittgenstein? A guy who thinks that faith
alone saves*, that's who.

- The Uruk-hai need to autoethnographize their own subjectivities in
order to avoid becoming complicit in their own oppression.

- The vending machine in the basement of Fiske used to be like this
(typical lefty-pinko media building).

*My sister and I once came up with this great t-shirt we wanted to make saying: "I fought a counter-reformation and all I got were these Third World countries." I still think this t-shirt should exist....Maybe, come Christmas time, it WILL exist, in a box, under the tree, with my sister's name on it....Or her BABY'S NAME! (mikaydee: best or worst godmother ever? Discuss.)

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