Wednesday, August 17, 2011

in which our heroine wishes she were silicon-based

When people ask if some food is "organic," I usually tell them, "Well, it's not inorganic....", 'cause I'm a smart-ass like that. At the airport this week, though, I was listening an episode of This American Life, and I heard maybe the dumbest thing I've heard about organics ever. I don't know if the reporter was trying to seem balanced for the sake of professionalism or if she actually sympathized with the vaccine-o-phile parents in this story, but she actually said there's no such thing as an organic vaccine. No, lady. Just no. There's no such thing as an inorganic vaccine! You know what is organic, though? Whooping cough. Also, polio. Maybe give your kid some of that, instead. All natural, 100%, nature's best.

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